How can I play a Geometry Dash Private Server (in Bottles)

In case you don’t already know, a GDPS is a version of Geometry Dash that connects to servers that don’t belong to Robtop, the game’s developer. This is done to play older versions of the game online, among other things. This means GDPSes are not distributed on Steam.

Before you say “use Steam”:

  1. The GDPS runs fine on Windows without Steam, and I’d rather not launch Steam each time I want to play.
  2. Steam is absolutely proprietary. (source: absolutely-proprietary)
  3. I believe this would be a good learning experience concerning Bottles usage.

I have:

  1. Created a “Gaming” bottle named “oGDPS” (so VC redists and such are installed)
  2. Ran the executable inside the Bottle.
  3. Tried soda (default Bottles runner), sys-wine (from package manager), “wine-ge-custom”, and “GE-Proton”. The last 2 were downloaded via ProtonUp-qt.
  4. Attached a core dump. Note that the last runner does not show a coredump error.