How can I install Vivaldi

I have been having problems trying to install Vivaldi. For some reason my brain is stuck in BF mood ( I’m old so it goes there often ). For the life of me I can’t figure it out. I am new to Arch and don’t know all the commands I need to use . Have been using Linux since about 06 0r 07 , mostly Ubuntu. All help is more then welcome. The reason I made a change is I need more of a challenge in my OS and wasn’t getting it before. Right now I’m running Endeavor in a VM on Ubuntu so I can get used to it and see how I’ll like it. Please help as my time may be limited, as I said I’m old (73) but still kicking. A full list of commands would be very helpful. But a step by step would work well.

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hello, can you tell us how you wanted to install vivaldi thank you

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@awcjr Vivaldi can be installed using yay.
yay -S vivaldi

@JR29 has sent you the link to the Wiki which shows a lot of the pacman commands. Yay is another tool to install software from the AUR and does most what pacman can do also. Pacman is the main package manager. Both are listed in the Wiki with details.

i do use unofficial arch repository to get packages for vivaldi:


Server =$repo/$arch

and do pacman -Syy

sudo pacman -S vivaldi vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs

yay -S vivaldi-widevine

as vivaldi-widivine needs to be build from AUR for widevine support.

Vivaldi is now in the official arch Repository, no need to build manually or use unofficial repo for it:

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If you are willing to trust herecura (several people on Manjaro do including me) you can add the herecura repo to pacman.conf and get the already built vivaldi app from there.

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
#add this following section to bottom of pacman.conf

# packages built against core
Server =

Save and exit

sudo pacman -Syyu

This should work. Now use pacman and yay as you usually do to get vivaldi, vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs, and vivaldi-widevine. The herecura repo is updated fairly often.

yay -S vivaldi --noconfirm the noconfirm flag avoids the questions during the build process. You can install the codecs package the same way, but from experience, installing chromium installs the necessary codec library. I use a script that pulls vivaldi from the AUR page as a tar ball

@awcjr I hope all the answers here haven’t added to more confusion. @JR29 was asking how you were trying to install Vivaldi? I understand you are new to Arch and have been using Ubuntu for quite a while but it’s not that challenging. Did you use terminal commands very much in Ubuntu? We are here to help you so when you need an answer just ask. If someone answers and you don’t understand then let them know.

Sorry it took so long to get back to all that helped I have been busy. Okay I got it to install using yay -S worked well went right in. My thanks to all have a great day PEACE OUT


Several peope on manjaro trust partial updates too

(just saying)

you did the right thing - stick to official repos and AUR if you must. stay away from unofficial repos until you know exactly what you do. Nothing wrong with unofficial repos - but you should know what you get your self into. There are a few unofficial repos listed in archwiki - trusted and tested

As I say already I use herecura repo for long now without issues, and he is a Trusted Arch User :wink:
I would prefer also to build the Vivaldi package directly from AUR, but it is way to time-consuming on every update.


and to not forget: welcome at the forum :wink:

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I often get tangled up in the technical side and forget the importance of a friendly welcoming response. @joekamprad Thanks for the reminder.

@awcjr welcome to the forum. :clinking_glasses: