How can I install the endeavouros themed xfce DE from the bspwm community version?

When I installed EndeavourOS I went straight for the themed bspwm community version. Is there a way I can install the themed version of xfce that is available through the installer through something like pacman?

Have a look here for how to install a new DE next to the one you already have:

Then install endeavouros-theming and customize your DE yourself through its settings.

pacman -Ss endeavouros-theming
endeavouros/endeavouros-theming 6.5-1 [installed]
    Default EndeavourOS background images and icons for all different DE

You might want endeavouros-xfce4-terminal-colors as well.

This looks like what you really need to get your Xfce proprly themed a la EnOS:


Maybe it would be a good idea to install endeavouros-skel-xfce4 (skeleton) as well.
Might save some work.


Thank you for posting this. It exactly what I was looking for!

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this is only used for initial installs… and will apply only to users created after the skel package is installed.


sh ./

will install all needed packages and configs… but will also overwrite may existing user configs if there :wink:

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