How can I install i3 alongside Plasma?

I would like to have two “Window managers”, my KDE Plasma (My main) and i3, but I dont know where to start.

Please have a look at this Discovery article:

Scroll down to this part:

Tutorial to install EndeavourOS-i3 setup from scratch

for later installs, if you have installed another DE on initial install from the ISO

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Thank you for the link. However I do have one question. The first step tells me to get the dot files but where can I get them?

Looks to me that 1-3 explain what happens in 4 :wink:

Start there.

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The Github Readme is more up to date, i need to update the wiki i think…

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Perhaps you need to move the relevant command under the relevant step:

  1. get the dot files:
    git clone

and so on.

thank`s for this hint changed it on both places now!

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Great! Looks good!


you know we love to see the community hint and help!

We currently search for help on the wiki:


I’ll get in touch with Bryan to ask if he/ (you all) thinks I could contribute in any way.
Thanks for posting the link!

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