How can i install gnome minimally?

I’ve currently install bspwm and xfce in eos.
I want to install gnome alongside them.
when i ran pacman -S gnome it shows a group of dependencies. it also contains the dependencies that i don’t want.
So what are the essential dependencies on the group?
I want a minimal gnome experience.

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Please read:

Keep in mind that GNOME is a very blo  big DE, so it will necessarily have a lot of dependencies. You cannot arbitrarily choose not to install dependencies.

Yeah, minimal and gnome are somewhat mutually exclusive concepts. :rofl:


The EndeavourOS packages selection is way more minimal than the package groups from arch…
We have a tool to install the same set of packages as we do on ISO:


eos-packagelist --help
eos-packagelist --list
eos-packagelist profile Gnome-Desktop --install


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Yeah I am loving this!!

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