How can i install AMD Ryzen Drivers?

I have a doubt and I always make mistakes, I have a notebook whose specifications are these:
Name: Lenovo ideapad s145
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5-3500U
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 (cpu)

I’m always in doubt which drivers I have to install to be able to use the power of my ADM ryzen in video editing using davinci-resolve and Games,

I’ve tried to follow several links on the wiki but always with the option of different drivers and I end up corrupting my system, Thank you.


Enable microcode support

Install the amd-ucode package to enable microcode updates and enable it with the help of the Microcode page. These updates provide bug fixes that can be critical to the stability of your system. It is highly recommended to use it despite it being proprietary.

I would leave it at that, and not start trying to tweak anything.
8GB of RAM might be little for video-editing. Can you not upgrade it to more?

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You don’t need to install any drivers for AMD or Intel on Linux because both companies develop open source drivers - therefore AMD and Intel drivers are included in the default packages which in this case are the Kernel and Mesa,
You can check that with inxi -Gxxz
It should contain:

driver: amdgpu
driver: X: loaded: amdgpu

The only thing needed in addition is the Vulkan driver which can be installed with sudo pacman -S vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-radeon
Optional addition: sudo pacman -S vulkan-mesa-layers lib32-vulkan-mesa-layers

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and the other drivers like OpenCL, OpenGL, mesa, Xorg that davinci solves asks, what do I do with them, what is it for?

@BS86 @ivanhoe

In case you need Opencl, as far as I can remember, you only need the opencl-amd package from the AUR to get that, it works with the default amdgpu driver:
yay -S opencl-amd
OpenGL, mesa, Xorg are all present by default.

OpenGL should be shown in inxi:

OpenGL: renderer: AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT (navy_flounder LLVM 14.0.6 DRM
    3.47 5.19.5-arch1-1) v: 4.6 Mesa 22.1.7 direct render: Yes

Xorg is the display server that generates a graphical environment. Mesa is the Linux graphic driver stack, and OpenGL is a rendering technique. OpenCL is a GPU compute technique


@BS86 is there a way for me to get all the drivers that are missing on my machine for me to install? the video drivers and maybe others? and in the case when I’m going to install the endeavouros, I use the online mode, because I’m using AMD I have to uncheck some driver option maybe from Intel or another to not install?

the commands necessary are in my posts. You won’t need to prepare anything because your machine will simply just work out of the box, after that you can install the additional things.
And no, you won’t need to remove other stuff during installation.

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