How can i get the Wine32?


I reinstalled the system, I am now trying to find wine32 but I don’t know how to get it I have looked for it in the octopi and also through the terminal:

[keos @ keos-inspiron3583 ~] $ yay -S wine32
 -> Could not find all required packages:
wine32 (Target)
[keos @ keos-inspiron3583 ~] $

This time, with this new Endeavorous wine-staging doesn’t work well for me with a chess program.

Isn’t there wine32 around here?


As far as I know there is no 32 bit version of wine available. I guess that’s what you are aiming for. Nevertheless you can choose to “emulate” a Windows 32 bit style (e.g. using PlayOnLinux for installation).

Read here how to get a 32-bit Wine environment.