How can I get a better touchscreen experience?

Hello. Reddit has given the impression of KDE working well with touchscreen laptops.

But it turns out the experience is kinda poor.

What’s missing is: hinge and gyro sensor support, input devices control.
Additionally, I can’t long-press on the touchscreen to right-click nor find a setting to enable this.

I’m an avid user of the convertible concept featured on my Lenovo Yoga (1470) where the keyboard can fold away and on windows, which enables auto-rotation and gyro while disabling the trackpad and keyboard to prevent accidental input.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mean automatic orientation? Also you should switch to Wayland to get most of the “touchscreen perks” of KDE. Install plasma-wayland-session, log out and choose Plasma (Wayland).

i do see minor improvements with plasma-wayland-session yes :+1:

But also, you seem to have missed the second half of the message.

Yes I did :man_facepalming:
Are there any other problems now?

I still do not see any awareness of the hinge or gyro sensors, no control over input devices and no “long-press touchscreen to rightclick” - the thing that did improve was click-drag behavior.

Did you try installing tools likeiio-sensor-proxy inotify-tools lm-sensors
Have you looked at the Arch Wiki for more information?

only lm-sensors. Have added the others now but i dunno how they can be utilized.

After installing the others and digging a little more I found Xournal++ which seems to cover my needs for sketching/taking notes.
(I had dismissed Arch Wiki’s “tablet-pc” page as the title seemed to only cater to the “MS Surface Go” and other devices where your basically not supposed to have a keyboard connected)

After installing detect-tablet-mode-git I do get the keyboard disabled in tablet mode.
I haven’t figured out how to add the trackpad to the same events.

Apart from that, I haven’t found a solution to these issues:

  • adding “long-press to right-click”
  • auto-rotation is not enabled or the gyro is not working (lack of driver?)
  • the cursor itself does not follow touch input, which sometimes gives weird behavior
  • having global awareness of touch (i.e. drag just selects text in FF instead of scrolling the page)
  • minor oddity: auto-rotate-lock button is detected and could probably be remapped to do something useful, but it’s output is really strange. I do not know how to log what it does.

For the auto-rotate, i do see a C script that could be used but I can’t figure out what device to point it to.

For auto-rotate-lock button, an educated guess from libinput list-devices is that this button is part of “Ideapad extra buttons”
Additionally ls -lh /dev/input/by-path lists VPC2004 which seems to be some kind of Lenovo standardization of various things. It’s not related to the above issues, but still quite useful.

Good luck …I think this really something you’ll have to figure out on your own. I’m not a touch screen person. I like using a mouse even on laptops. Touch pads and gestures and all that i just don’t care for. Use the Arch wiki and google and trial and error. You may get some things working or you may not. :man_shrugging: