How can I disable IPv6?

I need to run some commands (for example composer-setup.php and gem) that should download files, but when I run them, the connection they open times out and I can only abort them with Control-C.
I read that this is caused by an IPv6 resolution issue.

How can I disable IPv6 on EOS?

You should be able to open the Network Management applet and set IPv6 to disabled there if you are using a DE that has one.

Otherwise, it depends what you are using to configure your network in the first place.

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My bad: I forgot to say I am using Plasma. I guess that is in System Settings / Connections.

Thank you!
I was expecting a checkbox to disable IPv6, close to the IPv6 is required for this connection one. I thought Method had a different purpose, but then noticed the Disabled option.

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