How add hewlett packard printer

can anybody help me add a HP laser printer connected in usb port, PLEASE?
(i’m using xfce)

Hi mate as I don’t use a printer I’m not too sure about how to go setting it up, have you had a read of this
Or this

Hopefully one of these will help you along if not someone will more than likely be able to help you.

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ive got an hp usb laser printer as well. all i needed to do was to add it via the normal thing in the control panel (gnome) - i had ticked both the hp/printer boxes during the eos installation. if you didnt you probably need to install hplip and hplip-drivers

anothr way might be to open in a browser

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thanks for your help, but all this is too difficult for a 65-year old , non tech savvie,
i was hoping for sth. easier

I believe you need hplip package and then run it from terminal.

I’ve downlowded hplip 3.22.6
(it’s in Downloads, file name :
how do I run it in terminal???

How did you “download” it? You say it’s in the “downloads”. Like, did you do an appimage? I have no idea what that means.

It’s run in terminal like everything else - type the package into terminal. So:


** I think you need sudo privilages to save it. . . I can’t remember, it’s been a very long time since I set it up. Also, printers in my experience with Arch are the hardest things to setup. I’ve always had a tough time with them for some reaosn. I think it’s my particular HP printer though. I know I needed to set it up via usb connection first before I could use it as wifi.

hplip does not work,
no such command

If it’s not installed, just run this on terminal:

sudo pacman -Sy hplip

yes, this command worked
then I installed the printer using the icon hp
you should have installed the HP DEVICE MANAGER , first

see also

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