Hot Corners

Hi All, is there a way to trigger quick view of the open application with hot corners in XFCE? Or recommendation of other DE which is low on resource?

My PC only has 4 gb of ram and running intel core 2 quad.

Thank you.

This is not possible with XFCE. You can see KDE which is quite light and by removing some animations, it should work fine. At least I think so …

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Why not look at rofi?

rofi -show window -show-icons -window-match-fields all -window-format "{w} {c} {t}"
will open a window listing all open windows on all desktops. I’ve bound the above command to Alt+/.

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Hot corners:


edit - Doh, it is xfdashboard, my memory :smiley:

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KDE is likely your easiest bet, unless you really like xfce.


all out Xfce ?

could try from aur :slight_smile:



for other wm’s de’s independendly is kinda brightside for hotcorner…

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Thanks everyone will try and report back

I tried installing and using the xfdashboard but look and feel didn’t fit my need. I then installed Cinnamon DE and hot corners works as I expected. I used Mint before so it seems like a good balance between XFCE and KDE.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

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