Hoping I've not busted everything, please help

Ok, so over the last couple of weeks I have installed Ubuntu, not liked it, and then found Endeavour (I do like it :joy: ) however…

In order to try Endeavour properly I installed it on a partition, that also installed a boot partition. I also have an EFI system partition and a, now formatted, Ubuntu partition. I kind of expected (maybe stupidly) that if I nuked the Ubuntu partition it would just pick up Endeavour on boot through EFI and I would be able to give the extra space gained to Endeavour.

The KDE partition manager map looks like this:

So, I’m a bit stuck as what to do next. My assumptions are that I should be able to change the priority of booting via the EFI and have EOS boot primarily. In my current situation I can’t (or don’t know how to) give EOS the extra unallocated space.

Second option is backup my home dir, and create a timeshift, reinstall and format erasing my wrongdoings and start from there.

I assume that if I format sda1 I’m probably dead in the water.

So now what do I do?

I can obviously boot via EFI (holding option on startup) to get into EOS, but I’d rather not do that for the rest of my life :joy:

Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

Edit: formatting. Was very late when I wrote the original :joy:

You can fix the boot order by going into your BIOS and changing it or using the command efibootmgr.

Combining that empty space isn’t going to be a lot of fun. First you would need to move sda3 into the beginning of your empty space. Then sda4 next to sda3. Then you can expand sda4.

You probably don’t need sda1. EOS is using sda3 and sda4.


If the OP literally just installed, and has no personal files they need to keep, just reinstall and merge partitions accordingly. It is WAY faster.

If they do have personal files, it is actually not a good idea to merge anyway as it could fail, and then they lose everything. This is where having an external HDD/SSD (or even a cloud solution) would be great.

PS: Yes, merging doesn’t usually fail, and the chances are low, but there’s also the unexpected power outage.

Thanks both. Took the easy way out and went for a clean install. Backed up some stuff to a usb drive. For some reason Dolphin didn’t copy over some dot files in my home dir (even though it did move .config directory :man_shrugging:) but only need to faff with zsh again.

Assuming that my newbie status means I will mess something up again… what’s the best way to backup? I was just pushing stuff to GitHub before but maybe that’s not the best way.

Backing up non-personal configs to a Git server is actually not a bad idea. For personal files (photos, work files, etc.), I prefer an external HDD/SSD coupled with a cloud service.

That being said, if you back up certain configs (like Bitwarden or even Firefox) to an untrusted service, this could make it easier for your data to be compromised if it gets into the wrong hands. So stuff like that should be kept as safe as possible — locally is best, but you decide.

Lastly, please note that sometimes config files may be the source of an issue with an app (like a file manager or photo editor) or even your system (like sound settings), and sometimes it is actually better to start and customise your system from scratch.

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