Hooks for Automating Systemd-Boot Kernel installs

It is all about how you configure it, zen was just a random example. It is shorter to type than “hardened” :nerd_face:

i suppose in my case TKG just has versioning that doesnt trip up sd-boot lol

On another note it also accepts machine id like “01234567890abcdef1234567890abdf0-*” as the default entry also if anyone wants to try it that way

Even still i ended up tinkering with a script for a while when i really didnt need to :upside_down_face:, sd-boot is able to handle the situation better than i initially realized

Another thing it offers which im not sure on the limitations just yet is

bootctl set-default

A real world example on my multi-boot machines looks like something like:

default 8926ef9acd564c9eb55c33c7102ff87a*lts.conf
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might be a good idea to put together a small list of some real examples on how default entries can be structures (not necessarily you do it though). maybe as a wiki entry showing some good examples?

sd-boot seems to be pretty easy to deal with but if the bootctl set-default and pressing D options dont cover all the bases for multi-boot systems it might help to have some examples people can use to figure out how to setup their exact default. So far it covers every base of what the script i was doing could accomplish with my limited knowledge but mine was also limited itself.

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