Hitch in EOS welcome

There is a small hitch in EOS welcome in Plasma. The first button is blue on every of the three cards.



Can’t seem to reproduce it here, so it might be a question about theming?
But if not, could you show a picture about the hitch?

What desktop is it running on?

Here is a screenshot

It is a pretty vanilla EOS install with plasma desktop (@ricklinux). The only thing I changed is the icon theme. I use the papirus icon theme.

The first I open the welcome dialog everything is ok. But on clicking on “System Update” the button for recreating the mirrors is blue.

Yes i got that too using any of the light themes. I’m thinking this is normal based on the theming as @manuel say’s. If you use dark theme it doesn’t show like that.

I think it is a yad “feature” (and welcome is implemented using yad). Yad seems to return focus to the first button always.

At least currently there’s not much we can do about it but hope that the yad developer changes that behavior in some future update.

I suppose I will write to the developer about the issue, but I have no idea about his schedule and workload, so please don’t hold your breath… :wink:

Thanks for your fast reply.

No problem at all!

I just wrote to the yad developer about this.
Let’s see if and when he does something about it. :smile:

EDIT: the issue is number 69 here: https://github.com/v1cont/yad/issues in case you want to follow it.

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