High power draw on battery

Noticed high power draw since installing EOS (kde plasma) with just the default power-profiles daemon installed.I have tried using autocpufreq and tlp but it seems no matter what I end up with high battery drain (always in excess of 20W, going up to as much as 45W) while completely idle or simple browsing/youtube. Using powertop I noticed the usual culprit to be “Timer- tick_nohz_highres_handler” but not sure what to do about that.
Running a 2022 rog zephyrus g14, AMD ryzen 9 6900hs, radeon 6700s, 24gb ram. I’ve made sure to use supergfxctl to set the gpu mode to Integrated, disabled turbo using tlp. Feels like I’m running out of ideas.

For comparison initially on windows battery life was horrible due to boost always being activated and the dgpu refusing to sleep, but after using ghelper and disabling boost my power draw averages around 5-6W idle, 9W browsing and 11-13W watching videos. I know I will probably never get the same battery life on linux but >15W idle isn’t feasible for me. Any suggestions would be most welcome

Hi @gaiusjulius just a guess but have you checked here?

Yes that’s the power profiles daemon that came with the install and still had high battery drain on powersave mode. It’s currently disabled now because it conflicted with TLP.

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