High power comsuption in Qtile

so here is the measurements using powerstat

when comparing to xfce the power usage is quite low
I have already turned of the DGPU but the issue persists in qtile
Laptop Specs:
VivoBook_ASUSLaptop X513EP_A513EP
i5-1135g7 4.2Ghz
Iris Xe Graphics

Maybe it is a driver issue or some sort any help would be appreciated

Does powertop show what processes are consuming power?

sudo powertop

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im not sure how to read it but there are many instances of check_battery.s running

rest of the list shows the same check_battery.s

Not familiar with EnOS’ Qtile setup. Is that an script running for checking the status of the battery.

look under Tunable tab to see if there are some stuff that might need to be tuned up.


the culprit was check_battery.s I removed it from qtile autostart the usage went from 22 to 5 watts plus tunned everything in the tunnables and Wakeup as well

is there any further optimizations to tone down the power usage that you personally use on your hardware?

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That’s quite significant reduction in power consumption. Good job!

I use cpupower to set the governor for CPU scaling.

I think EnOS’ uses the power-profiles-daemon but I like to do it manually with cpupower.

:eye: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/CPU_frequency_scaling

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Appreciate for the help, Still pretty new to this linux stuff as this my first distro

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Oh that is pretty neat thanks for the heads up

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may fill a issue report there or let Maintainer know about the issue:
@codic12 ?


yeah, this script was contributed by someone else, but it only polls every 30 seconds so it shouldn’t be an issue. i wonder why it’s using so much pwoer :thinking:

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