High fan noise on laptop, even when idle

yesterday i notice that my laptop fan was working fast even i was heard sounds from ear buds. but when i checked htop and glances cpu temperature was fine also ram usages. Also there was no hot air blowing.

I suspect that one of the movies portal website have some hive scripts and it was making fan to work fast. that happened first in this laptop.

Is possible to keep away from hives? I am using a ublock origin.

Is other way to make system more secure? Any tips?

My laptop is Thinkpad E14 Gen2

I split this into it’s own topic because it is quite different than your original topic and I think this title is much more likely to get the attention of the people who are experts in this area.

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Depending on whether it is AMD or Intel I recommend different things. In the case of AMD install auto-cpufreq and see if that helps. In the case of intel try using erpalma/throttled. Search for either on the internet and install from git. Not sure if they will work on your laptop. The last option is to install thinkfan which allow for a custom fan profile. All of the above may be available in the repos or in the AUR as well. Basically it sounds like the return to idle is not happening quickly enough, and Lenovo stock fan profiles are usually very aggressive, hence the fan blowing constantly.


Not visiting suspicious sites can help a lot.

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Its intel based. I noticed that idle high % yesterday. Idle is core of CPU?

You are focusing on the wrong thing. A high idle percentage means it did it’s job, and it as gone back to resting essentially. It may then be taking longer to drop to lower p states and the firmware on the laptop is consequently running the fan at a higher rate, or more likely your p states are fine and Lenovo cranked up the rpm because like most companies they don’t provide enough cooling headroom in their laptops and would rather they be loud instead of burning you. I recommend you read up on intel_pstate if you are interested in the details. Try installing epalma/throttled, I know it works on e14 gen1, it may work on gen2 as well.

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ok thanks if it is ok and no dangerous than i will be calm too. thanks