High cpu usage

Hi there, it’s me again! :rofl:
I’ve spent the last few days playing around with EOS with i3wm (and man, what a fun!) but now i’m starting noticing that there is an high cpu usage doing nothing, just a youtube video (1080p).
my laptop is a lenovo x1yoga with a Intel i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz and 8 GB of ram ( i think not bad at all)

that’s my question: is that normal? i’ve to wait some update? is a Firefox problem and i 've to change browser?

here a screenshot with -htop

Thank you!

Your youtube video is probably being decoded in software instead of being hardware accelerated. That will cause heavy CPU utilization.


If you have many extensions if Firefox they might cause extra CPU usage.
So removing the extensions that are not vital might help.
Or try another browser, like chromium, opera, vivaldi, or many others.

Building on that: Check out Firefox video hardware acceleration in the Arch Wiki. The integrated GPU is able to decode video in hardware which should greatly reduce CPU utilization.


wow! super! Hopefully i’ll be able to fix this with some hour of work and study. Thankyou for the advice!


thank you for the arch wiki link! it 'll help to understand the problem.

Thank you, i was forced to replace my thermal grease today because i tried to start up pc 5x and it would freeze my desktop maybe in 5mins, my amd phenom x4 goes full load i think when watching youtube videos (i don’t do gaming) if i install this addon i’ll need to enable hardware acceleration too right ?