High CPU consumption of baloo_file_extractor process

The process baloo_file_extractor is consuming a 5% of CPU constantly in KDE.

I have read that this process, which is a KDE daemon, should not be stopped since it is used by several KDE applications.

So does anyone know what I can do to stop this process from consuming so much CPU? Is there a way to limit its consumption or understand why it is using so much CPU?

OK, after leaving the computer on for 1 hour, the process has reduced to a normal level. It seems that, being a new installation, it had to index a large volume of data from the partition where I have all the data. So I close this topic and mark this answer as a solution.

Exactly. This shouldn’t be an ongoing problem.

You can fine tune what should be indexed in the File Search section in system settings. This would greatly reduce the amount of time and cpu needed to index. You also probably don’t want all files being indexed. I have a lot of code, offline websites, game folders, and stuff like that that I don’t need to ever search through. For that reason, I blacklist those folders from being indexed.

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