Hibernate won't work , freezes the computer so bad that you can't turn it off/

The screen goes blank the keyboard shuts down and you can’t get out of endeavor, it freezes the computer up so badly that you can\t turn it off and usually have to unplug it for a length of time for it to operate again. I’m assuming it is hibernate. Thank you!

Do you have a swap file or did you install it with Hibernation during the install process? There are a number of different options.

Thanks for the response , I have no swap file. I could have installed it with Hibernation, I tried to install it every way possible and that was with No hibernation and having hibernation.

There is swap with hibernate which setups up the required entries to use hibernation. There is also no swap or swap without hibernate or swap file.

So is there a way to dump the hibernation part.

Yes. Just disable it in whatever power manager you use. For instance in KDE, I have it set to hibernate when off charger and I close the lid. I can change it to sleep for instance and I no longer use hibernate.

If you mean PHYSICALLY remove it… .

If you use it via swap file, you can disable and then remove the file.

If you installed it as a partition it’s far more complicated to remove the partition, but still possible.

Please check the wiki on how to do each with respect to your circumstances.

What is the output of

cat /etc/fstab | eos-sendlog

ja@ja-systemproductname ~]$ cat /etc/fstab | eos-sendlog
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 579 0 24 100 555 4 102 0:00:05 0:00:05 --:–:-- 144

Doesn’t look like any swap or hibernation is set up. I’m not sure what to suggest to you. I’m not a user of hibernation. You could add a swap file and set up hibernation i guess.