Hibernate / Suspend - on AC / on Battery

Hi all,

I finally got my Thinkpad T14 working with Suspend then Hibernate. Suspending it by closing lid makes it hibernating after I guess 180 minutes (as configured in sleep.conf).

I can see that there’s a GUI option in energy settings where I can check the box “hibernate after a longer period of inactivity” below the regular timeout for suspend. This can be configured separately for running on battery or on AC.

My intention is closing the lid should always suspend but only when on battery it should hibernate afterwards.

I can’t find such an option neither in Plasma GUI nor in sleep.conf.

Thia all is due to the still existing BIOS bug of T14 Thinkpad that drains battery a lot when in suspend (~20% ove night)

Do you have any suggestion? Or is it worth a feature request in Plasma?

Thanks & MC

I mean if you’re going to bed and want it to suspend and then hibernate after a while, why not just hibernate when going to bed?? I setup hibernate to a key binding so when I go to bed I can hibernate and close it up and then just suspend on laptop closing during the day.

I’m sure there’s a way though. Hybrid sleep?? I’d have to dig around the Arch wiki and kde settings.

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I mean that in most cases my laptop is connected to an usb-c dock in my home office so closing lid just sends it to suspend and wakes up fastly.

Sometimes when I work in the livingroom and close the lid the laptop should suspend and (in case i forget to re-dock) hibernate (after x minutes as configured i sleep.conf)

Currently it ALWAYS suspends and hibernates - which is slower than a regular boot and unnecessary when docked.

Energy settings in plasma have separate settings for “on battery” and “on AC” for the hibernate after a longer suspend period. But this does not seem to take effect when I actively suspend by closing the lid - it seems to be programmed to work only after the timeout.

Or maybe Plasma settings are “overwritten” be defaults of sleep.conf?!

This is what mine currently looks like.

I do regularly check this though. Admittedly, I do believe that 1. KDE updates sometimes mess with this. and 2. I also have a 256GB nvme in my wwlan slot (I have a Thinkpad t480s) and everytime I update Windows - it screws with my Advanced Power Settings. I have my computer set to only charge up to 94% of battery life, and it will not charge until it hits 39% or less. EVERY time I update Windows it gets reverted back to 100% and always charge.

Mine looks the same. Button handling is on Sleep but laptop does a Sleep and then hibernate…

I now disabled this via sleep.conf. The checkboxes don’t show up anymore after a reboot.

I decided to use hibernate only when battery is at critical level. Otherwise sleep/suspend is what I use.

I opened a wishlist bug at KDE to implement an additional setting for ‘sleep then hibernate’ for the Button section. Let’s see whate Nate & other coders think about it. :wink:

For ref: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=447461