Hibernate broken after todays update


I did a full system update today with yay, which also runs pacman -Syu to my knowledge.

Afterwards, my hibernate stopped working, I set my laptop to go into hibernation, when I close the lid.
This is what happens: When I open the lid again, the computer reboots as always: I see my OEMs Logo (Dell), some bootlogs (I think from systemd?), and then, a blank cursor _ blinking for about 10 seconds, and the screen goes completely black, nothing else happening.

I was able to figure out, that I am able to switch to the virtual console running XFCE with pressing STRG+ALT+F7, and I can see my login screen and continue to use my computer normally.

Does anybody has an idea what the problem is, and how I can configure my system to boot into the virtual console running XFCE, so I can continue to use my laptop without interruption, when waking up from hibernate?

Here are logs & systeminfo as suggested in the forum guidelines:
inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog:

journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog:

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is your hibernation setup still broken? I use a script to switch back to the graphical terminal after resume.

It must be stored in this directory:

And it must be executable (the name does not matter):


if [ "${1}" == "post" ]; then
	chvt 7

I got the idea from here:

Take care!