Hi res logos available?

Hi @nate !
(was going to DM you, but your profile is private)

@Bryanpwo said you might have high-res images of the logos? I’d like to get a coffee mug made.
The images that are available here aren’t high enough resolution to look good scaled up.
E.g. this one is only 200x195px.

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Hi there, here’s the vector version of the logo: https://we.tl/t-xeEY1mfH6m
Enjoy your mug :slight_smile:


Here https://endeavouros.com/media-images/ or here https://github.com/endeavouros-team/artwork-images-logo/blob/master/Press-Packs/endeavour-logo-official.zip

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The coffee tastes pretty good!
Thanks for the assets!


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