Hi I'm totally lost

don’t have clue how You install community desktop?

Please don’t provide text output as a screenshot. Copy/paste the content into the forum in code tags.

Some of the community skel packages overlap, you can’t have both the the bspwn skel packages and the defaults. You have to pick one.

oki reinstall eos
qtile comunnity

This is best option to understand bspwm installation.

You need to uninstall endeavouros-skel-default before installing eos-skel-ce-bspwm.

sudo pacman -R endeavouros-skel-default
sudo pacman -S eos-skel-ce-bspwm
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Immediately posts another screenshot. :joy:

That sounds like a packaging issue - there should be a conflicts between those skel packages?


Currently, we have more than 5 skel packages and there might be more in the future. Adding conflicts to each of them might be hard to keep track of. Would provides skel-package be a better way?

They could provide and conflict on that virtual package/provides, so only one thing that provides it can be installed (the same as NVIDIA-MODULE here: https://github.com/archlinux/svntogit-packages/blob/21e3f0a393c997615187955f8e8bac0481356785/trunk/PKGBUILD#L80).


Aren’t the conflicts more complicated than that? Not all the skel packages conflict with each other. i.e. Some CE skel packages conflict with certain other CE skel packages and some official skel packages.

But ideally we want only one skel-package installed at a time, otherwise wouldn’t new users being created have configs/skel of multiple editions?

Ideally the skel packages wouldn’t conflict so they could have multiple DEs/WMs installed at the same time. :wink:

It is a little different with the community/WMs though.

Well, the worst solution is allowing multiple skel packages to be installed and having broken functionality if that is the case.

I’m sorry for a lot screen shots my English its bad
well i try on continuity eos-skel-ce but i cant install different window manager this is broken
my apologize this my way communications
I’m a lot disrto hopp some time i make post for my self i know lazy way
thx and apologize

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