Hi everybody

Hi guys,
nice to meet you all!
Great idea&community


Welcome here!
I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Welcome! Relax and get comfortable, this is a great place to hang out.


I see!
Right now enthusiast about the forum, trying to understand how package system work (only used debian derivates) to set up a “biomed-research-tool” linux partition.

we must take a look at our wiki without forgetting https://wiki.archlinux.org/;https://endeavouros.com/wiki/

for sure!

Then this could be the place to start:

and the other articles next to it.

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Hi @emallume, welcome to EndeavourOS :rocket:

Welcome @emallume !

Enjoy EndeavourOS !!!


Welcome aboard, @emallume

A warm welcome emallume! Many thanks for joining us in the forum.

Welcome emallume

Hello, good morning and welcome!