Hey, I'm new to this club

Hello, I have been with Manjaro for the last 3 years, before that various *buntus incl. Mint. With Manjaro I have tried to get used to the rolling release principle and think I have done quite well with it so far. However, I don’t like it anymore that Manjaro still has so many problems despite the cascade system, so now I want to try Arch directly. I’ve heard that EndeavourOS is basically a pure Arch, just without the hassle of the tedious installation. I’ll probably install Endeavour with the KDE interface since I like Plasma the best. So on to some new knowledge. Cheers! :beers:


I personally have had significantly less issues with Arch/Endeavour than I had with the big M.

As everyone though, your results may vary.

Edit: sorry,a bit too much fermented lubricant. I forgot to say:

Welcome to the purple side of the internet.


Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


thanx @dalto


Welcome to the forum.

I’ve never had any (significant) issues with Manjaro, Arch or EndeavourOS. With a proper mindset, Arch is a very enjoyable distro to use.


thanx @Kresimir

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There were always smaller problems, gladly again after an update, which always turned out quite large. But well, now I am here …

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Welcome to the forum
endeavouros are good and minimal out of the box


thanx @anon12581665 , minimal is that, what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

As an American who also happens to randomly be a Bayern Munich fan too, willkommen to the EndeavourOS forums! I use Gnome myself, but I would encourage you to try out EndeavourOS in a VM and see how you like it. If you do install it and come across any errors/issues, please check out our wiki here: https://discovery.endeavouros.com

Personally, the wiki fixed 90% of the issues I had when I first installed EndeavourOS (some bluetooth & nvidia issues for my hardware), and this lovely forum fixed the other 10% of the issues I had. So I naturally made this my home and couldn’t be happier. No matter what you do or what you use, as long as it’s Linux it’s all good to me :slight_smile:


@Scotty_Trees thanks for the welcome and thanks for the tip with the VM. That’s exactly how I planned it :wink: since I don’t have an Nvidia card, but an old RX 580, I don’t think I’ll have any problems with the drivers.

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Why? Unless you have a really good host computer, VM experience will never be as smooth as the bare metal install. Besides, what are you going to see in a VM that will make EndeavourOS experience different from any other distro? You’ll see a working desktop environment, run a few programs, that’s it. You may as well try 'buntu in a VM, and won’t notice anything different.

You probably won’t know whether you like a distro until you’ve used it for a couple of weeks, and the best way to do this is to install it on a computer you use daily.

Probably not 100% as fast but for casual tasks it should be responsive as long as your computer isn’t very old or under-resourced. Especially if you don’t use virtualbox.

You will see the install process and you will have an opportunity to try different DEs and take different paths through the install in a zero-risk environment.

I never install anything on bare-metal until I have thoroughly tested it in a VM.


Well, my computer is rather old. It’s a 10 year old i5 with 8GiB RAM, but a relatively new SSD for root.

8 GB of ram is plenty. I run VMs on my laptop which only has 6GB of ram. zram is awesome for this.

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If you already know what DE you’re going to use (and OP has indicated it’s Plasma), trying it out in a VMs seems like a total waste of time to me. What are you going to see? A default Plasma install. Same as any other default Plasma install. It will have the default looking SDDM, the default wallpaper, the default Breeze theme – completely unremarkable and generic, whether it is in a VM or on bare metal.

I don’t see in this particular case how installing on bare metal is more risky than in a VM, at least for a popular distro like EndeavourOS. With some more obscure software, you can perhaps cause hardware damage, but a fairly minimalist FOSS Linux distro used by thousands of people is about the safest thing one can install on a bare metal machine…

I mean, there is no harm in trying it out in a VM, but I also see no point in doing so… No great revelation about EndeavourOS will come out of such an experiment.

As someone who tests every distro that I can get my hands on, I can tell you that there are differences between them. Also, while you and I know that EOS offers a generic plasma install, we know that because have we have tried it already. :slight_smile: The OP may or may not have ever seen a default plasma install because most distros customize it.

It is more risky because most people don’t have spare hardware lying around so they need to erase something to install something else. In a VM, you can try it out with no commitment. It is also more risky if you are trying to preserve some data but not at all. Doing it in a VM can help build confidence.


correct :ok_hand:t2:


Yeah, this makes sense on computers where one is unable to swap a hard drive. I keep forgetting that such computers exist. I would strongly resist buying one, but that’s just me…

Indeed, because, as a tautology, “may or may not” covers pretty much all of the possibilities. :rofl:

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