Here we go, installing on Surface Laptop 4

Going for the alongside option with Windows 11 (for work reasons).

[ update ]
Wow… this is not the same performance I had on an older laptop. Something isn’t quite right. I’ll have to note down the issues I’m having later - kid duty calls.

Interesting. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think he means it’s fast! :laughing:

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So no issues booting on the live ISO or installing right!

Yeah screw it. See ya guys.

Shouldn’t have bought a surface 4! :rofl:
It just doesn’t cut it on EndeavourOS.

Does that make it a pointless endeavor?

Really? That’s the case? You’re saying spec wouldn’t cut it? That makes zero sense as the major claim of Linux distros is that it breaths life into old machines.

Mind you this is a Surface 4 Laptop - brand new 2021 model.

Again, the Linux community has the habit of being toxic. Bye.

What issues are you having?

Hardware/driver proprietary, Linux compatibility limited. Doesn’t mean Linux is slow, it’s just not supported on this hardware. Which I understand is a mega bummer.

I guess it boils down to which component is the culprit and whether someone will post a fix on GitHub, looking at other previous surface models it seems that the problem with this hardware is not new, it needs some kind of patched kernel. Literally searching 2 min on Google

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Well if one post makes you make generalization about every Linux users OMG… I think the others are just fooling around. Don’t take it personal. Again, new hardware doesn’t support Linux well, it’s a real bummer.

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If you think this forum is “toxic” then there’s something very wrong in your expectations.

You told us something completely ambiguous in the OP with very little detail - because you were too busy to provide anything other than a screenshot - so I’m not sure how you expected people to respond?

Probably worth reading as a reference point for expectations in other communities:


I’m toying with you … because i know EndeavourOS installed on that like a dream!

Edit: I don’t know where this toxic stuff is coming from. Really? You were making fun that the install wasn’t going well. I knew it was not the case and i was laughing about it. :man_facepalming:

I thought this was a joke? I see the install at 85% Then you said.

Yeah screw it. See ya guys.

I don’t see any other information. I thought you were just playing with us. :man_shrugging:

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