Help with Source Engine fonts

I’m trying to fix a common issue with Source games are the glyph fonts and Unicode being missing (and just shpwing an empty space where they should be. Using this guide from the Arch Linux wiki, I ended up with the following file:


However, trying to run source fonts.conf on it through bash returns:


and running it through zsh returns with:


What am I doing wrong?

This file is not a bash file, not sourced by bash. Programs that use it will source it as needed. :wink:
Logout and in would be enough to test it.

I rebooted, still no luck unfortunately. It used to work before, I’m not sure what I did different this time.

A better description is preferred. Only you know what you mean exactly. What you tried we don’t know.

Nevertheless, if your fonts issue is on st terminal only, AFAIK it is a manually updated from source binary. If so, you need to rebuild it, with upstream documentation instructions.

I’m sorry I neglected this post. I followed the instructions on the troubleshooting page, linked in the original post. It worked fine last time I followed procedure.