Help with Python and scheduler install

Hi all,

In my (ongoing) quest to make my Intuos 4 tablet more like it should be I need to install this python script intuos 4 oled. This will take care of the leds in the side of the tablet, enabling them to show images or text.

However, I ran into this line here:
" In addition you should install the python-pil packages. In order to react to udev events (plus/unplug) you also need the at scheduler: in Ubuntu, you can do sudo apt install at python-pil."
I tried googling it, found that pyhton-pil is related to displaying images and was ok with it (I really don’t need or want images, just text).
My issue is with the at scheduler. I couldn’t find it in a quick search and I’m a bit stumped… and that one stops the script from installing and it probably is important since it will take care of plugging in and out, if I understood correctly.

Any help or comments are appreciated.

Before I leave, the tablet works out of the box and even better if you look into Arch wiki and (in my case with KDE) install kcm-wacomtablet that will allow button configuration and so on.

Many thanks!

You can install at with sudo pacman -Syu at python-pillow

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Many thanks @dalto it worked!

I seem to have read that approach but somehow ignored it assuming it was just to install python-pillow (yeap, I think i read over the at…)

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