Help with mkisofs. (Custom rEFInd ISO)

My secondary laptop has a buggy BIOS which boots into Windows, always. (unforutnately my bros need Winblows for some stuff). I work around this by installing rEFInd to a CD-R, so I don’t have a hot potato flash drive. plus it’s easier to hide. However, I decided I need to change some options (infinite time, and so on) and I contacted the developer and he handed me this mkcdimage script.

However, since Rod Smith uses Ubuntu, some options have got to change over time, right? Well that’s exactly what happened. I cannot find the equivalent for the -efi-boot option, and of course the rest fails.


If you got here and bothered to read the logs, thanks. Hopefully you have a solution.

Did you try -eltorito-platform efi ?

Didn’t work.

mkisofs: Missing boot image name, use -eltorito-boot option.

I found the solution (lol)

mkisofs -A "Bootable rEFInd" -V "rEFInd_$Version" -volset "rEFInd_$Version" \ -J -r -v -x ./lost+found -o ../../refind-cd-"$Version".iso \ -eltorito-boot refind-bin-"$Version".img \ -no-emul-boot ./


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