Help with downloading things from discord

When I click the download button on an mp3 file in discord, instead of downloading it, it’ll open a VLC window and play the file instead of downloading it. Same with images, except it opens gwenview

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I directed the OP here. In case the issue isn’t clear, the http links from discord aren’t opening in their web browser. Instead, the viewer app for the specific media type is opening. So http links to image are opening in Gwenview, http links to videos are opening in VLC.

I don’t have much idea how to go about it.

At work on Windows :cry: It will be the mimetypes probably, somebody will be along to tell you where the file(s) are :smiley:

Mine types are at ~/.config/mimetypes.list, but neither @yungrxxku or I know how/what to edit to associate those links to web browser.

@yungrxxku You could try removing any line from that file that mentions vlc or gwenview. Maybe that will “reset”.

I have kind of a similar problem where the files are opened in my browser where I can just click “save file” but that seems unnecessary.


Think it is ~/.config/mimeapps.list, just look for “html” - that is mine above.

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