Help preserving the eos-live Konsole terminal theming

Hi there,

Maybe a noob question but I’d like to ask if there’s a way to somehow preserve / bring the theming of the live session’s Konsole theming (I love the coloring of it), because after I installed the KDE Plasma enviroment, only the system theming received this lovely purple endeavour theme, but not the konsole terminal.

Or did I miss something out in the installation procedure to bring the colorizations into the installed system too?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks, I know how to change the theme itself, I just need the exact same color palette and theme from the live enviroment itself, and maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my first post, but I want to know if there’s a way to tell the installer during the install process to also bring the theme of Konsole to my installed system, or there’s no other way than copying manually the profiles from the live session’s home folder.

He is discribing everything. And navigate to folders and to find files. with nano or vim which you prefere to edit

with installer no way. need to open edit folder and write the commands

Is this file relevant?

No, it wasn’t that one.
Found it under $HOME/.local/share/konsole

These two files were I was looking for:

Then I just copied them over to the installed system into my home folder and now it looks as it was looking in the live installer session. This would be a good idea, if calamares could somehow copy the coloring scheme on the local installation too. I observed that this only happened for KDE Plasma (not getting copied), but when I installed for example XFCE desktop enviroment, the xfce4-terminal received that beautiful looking purple colorization by default.


KDE i dont use, just xfce and i3. mostly i3 I dont have any problem

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