Help me reach icu maintainer

This thread about ungoogled-chromium issue
If you can please email icu maintainer and show him this thread, Andreas Radke
Thank You :ok_hand: :eyes: :man_technologist:

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It isn’t the icu maintainer. It is ungoogled chromium which needs to be rebuilt.

That being said, it looks like it has recently been rebuilt. When was the last time you tried it?


See also:

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I’m still trying to figure out. . . You posted a thread on a forum. . . To ask us to email a thread from another forum, to someone who is actually on that forum. . .


Alright Thanks for the reply :sweat_smile:
For my slow cpu 8320e, compiling chromium is too much, i need the binary already compiled, for that reason i use this third party repo

In that case, you need to reach out to whoever maintains that repo.

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You might also have a look at the official unofficial repos:

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