Help LXDE is too bloated!

Hello guys, I decided to try LXDE on endeavor today

EndeavorOS is my favorite linux distro for customization
and gaming right now, and I’m so tired of jumping through
hoops to increase my system responsiveness so I decided to
try out LXDE here for the first time.

The install went okay, but it didn’t work with ventoy so
I had to make a dedicated install usb for it to work.
I like to customize every aspect of my system for improved
performance so I opted to choose LXDE which is typically
very fast compared to xfce which usually sits just above it
in terms of system resources used and being slightly slower.

I use a customized setup for gaming, so minor differences
to me are large differences! They are hugely noticeable when
you have a monitor that is capable of displaying greater than 60 fps
and tune out your system for performance all the time!

After the install LXDE was sitting at around 700-680 MB of Ram
usage, which is the basic measure we use to understand initially
how it’s going to effect system responsiveness to the user at large.

Now I know from experience a heavily trimmed down xfce or lxde
can get down closer to 400-430 MB of ram usage, and that translates
to quicker system response time which makes the system more enjoyable for me to use. I’m building a custom TKG-PDS-LLVM_LTO
super gaming kernel right now as I’m writing this to you, and getting ready to compile my nvidia driver and customize every aspect of my system to get SCREAMING PERFORMANCE with EndeavourGNU/Linux.

I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts as to how to reduce the fat on LXDE in endeavor to make it faster and more efficient. Typically with LXDE in other distro’s I am sure it is much slimmer than here. And when I first logged into Endeavor LXDE I noticed it’s as slow as xfce! Typically lxde is twice as fast, perceptually, please help me fix this.

Looking at systemd services, maybe some of these are unecessary…

There’s only a few autostart programs, idk what it could possibly be that makes LXDE here seem so bloated, maybe it’s the display manager, I don’t know but if you guys have any tips from experience please let me know.

edit: also btw does anyone know the compositor used on lxde here, maybe that’s what’s goin on.

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Afaik, there’s no compositor on LXDE by default.

inxi -Gxx | grep compositor

This command should confirm.

I ran top to see what was using resources, and learned running top takes 100 MBs! I said to myself omg! Even Top is bloated! I guess the newer versions of so many things add up… like pipwire, firewalld, and networkmanager, which would be replaced by older lighter weight alternatives on different lxde distro’s… I feel like I might as well be using xfce at this point which is easier for me to theme. and i’m pretty sure endeavor-xfce sits at 1 gb of ram usage so only 200 mb difference.
Perceptually it seems to be no different.


Hello and welcome,

In my worst case (RSS) it takes 7.1MB :thinking::

smem -k -c 'command uss pss rss' | grep "^top"
top                             2.9M     3.0M     7.1M 

Would be nice if you could use code tags around the output you post. This is too difficult to even look at. :wink:

Edit: Referring to the first post.

it’s okay guys I solved the problem already

I made a custom theme the other day for xfce to look like kde

so I just went back into xfce thanks