Help in Dolphin file manager

Hello, I am new to Linux.

I want to know is there any way to disable recent files and recent places in Dolphin file manager, as it is making my workflow a bit clunky.

Right click on them and chose the option that accords to your need.


I’m not that familiar with KDE but I think disabling used to be under “Privacy”.

Settings" > "Workspace" > "Desktop Behavior" > "Activities" > "Privacy"

Don’t know if it’s still there though.

You can hide that part of the sidebar by right clicking on “Recent” and selecting “Hide Section ‘Recent’”.


I was able to hide it, but I want to know is it possible for me to erase the records from it.
Because sometimes there can be few files which are urgently needed to be viewed.

By having it, I can manually remove the records which I don’t need.