Help: How do you repair internet connection?


I made a topic with a similar issue previously that was solved, and now suddenly it appears to have got worse. Right now I am typing this from my Mac because my Ethernet connection despite removing tailscale won’t reconnect. I need help repairing my network settings to default.

So here’s some context… Using tailscale on Linux is a real pain because there’s no official application and more importantly there seems to be DNS issues when using it will exit nodes. So after speaking to someone else in this forum previously and also tailscale support, I was pointed in the direction of this which resolves the DNS issues while using tailscale but each and everytime I reboot the computer the connection goes down again. It would only come back when those commands in that link are executed again. I figured something is wrong with tailscale, so I removed it, and now I have no internet and the commands won’t fix it any more. I need help!

Edit: I remembered I had wifi on my device and tried to connect to that and still no connectivity. For both wifi and ethernet it says ‘limited connection’

I really don’t know your problem but my Tailscale works great on all my Linux machines. Did you follow the instructions on how to install it on the Tailscale site?

I use it with a mullvad exit node, so that may be where the issue stems from. Right now, I have no internet and no idea how to bring it back.

do any digging in systemctl for suspended/diabled services like modem manager, etc.?
not uncommon imo opinon when you introduce an outside package like this.
2 cents/spitballing answer (because this has happened to me)

Everything looks good in systemctl

The OP reinstalled the system, so we never got to know which steps were the issue/solution.

Next time just share it, so people with the same issue in the future can find it also.