Hello World: Tahusyad05

Hello, I am a Distrohopper that likes to see many distro around. I know that’s bad, but i can’t hold my hands to click on something new.

I am start my linux exploration from Ubuntu 22.04 (like 1 year ago) to now. I have try some of the Linux distribution like fedora and openSUSE, and arch clean install.

What makes i like to change the distro frequently because of the issue of the distibution i can’t solve. Like recently fedora give me some issues about the broken environment. I am tr to ask to some forum (not official, i am too lazy for that :confused: ). And sometimes the forum wont answer, thats why i think, “I am done with this distro, i am changing”.

But I am now try to be more stable with the distrohopping and try to stay in the os for some time. I start to open the official forum (like right now) and try to read more tutorials from official documentation

I am found the EndevaourOS from 1 day ago (not getting much of it), and I think its great. you can select many customization before you even install the os, and the lightweight distro that suitable for daily driver. Maybe from here i will starting to stop my distrohopper hobby

Anyway, I am a student at a Junior Highschool in a country (privacy issues, i wont mention what the country is). I am somewaht crazy and like to destroy stuff. I like to do gaming and programming.

Okay, topic ends. Thanks for wacthing.




Welcome to the forum and the purple side!

Hi and welcome to the forum @Tahusyad05

Welcome to the forum @Tahusyad05 :enos: :enos_flag:

Hello! :wave:
May your endeavor for your perfect distribution stop to this superb OS.
Looking forward to read about your adventures with some of your favorite programs :penguin:
See you down the log :wink:

Welcome to :enos: - Forum @Tahusyad05 :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple: