Hello! Time to show off my first i3 config

Hello everyone!

I installed EndeavorOS for the first time yesterday, and I’ve been having fun tweaking the config. I’ve used Arch before, but I used KDE for a long time without trying anything else. So I figured I would try a tiling window manager with NeoVim to get the full keyboard-centric workflow. So far I’m loving it. I might need to buy a more ergonomic keyboard to make the most of it.

I mainly use Unix for writing Rust code. You can see in my screenshot I’m working on a card game in the Bevy Engine in my free time.

As for the desktop config, I’ve mostly just cobbled together some things I found online without straying too far from the defaults for i3, polybar, kitty, nvim, etc.

I have a git repo set up for my dotfiles. I was hoping to also use an OverlayFS to track my changes to /etc but that proved a bit more challenging. I’m a fan of Nix but haven’t managed to get NixOS working with my NVidia GPU.

Anyway, I’m hoping I have longevity on this OS! I would love to hear from any other users with a similar workflow if you have tips or more software suggestions.


Hello! :wave:
That’s one great introduction! with programming and code on the ongoing work of a program :smiley:

I’ll bet that indeed your going to have a very good time as you have a lot experience and self reliance in our great OS :horse_racing:

Keep up the good work :wink: I’ll be reading down the log :penguin:,

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this is an interesting insight and i3 is a good choice for coding. NixOS is a challenge, similar to FreeBSD you should invest a lot of time reading the docs and trying out.

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Welcome to the forum @bonsairobo