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Hello everyone :wave:

I’ve been lurking here for a while :eyes: and have finally made the switch to :enos: after testing in a virtual machine for a week.

I’ve been using Linux as my main OS since 2009, and have long preferred to do installation & updates from the command line. I’ve used another Arch derivative in the past (M******) and was recently using openSUSE Tumbleweed, so an intermediate rolling terminal centric distro is right up my :penguin: street.

Very impressed with the distro - customising the installation is very easy, the :enos: repo and various tweaks adds useful tools and functionality to Arch while still being close to barebones :rocket:

Using KDE Plasma as my DE. FWIW I ended up swapping out firewalld for ufw, as ufw is easier to control with plasma-firewall.

Lots of useful advice in the forum :smiley: I may need some help when it comes to pacnew/pacsave files :anguished: I was up to the task of deleting /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.pacnew, but I know I will be perplexed by others.


Hello @r0ckhopper,

welcome to the EnOS universe :milky_way:


Welcome to EnOS community @r0ckhopper!

Personally, I have never bothered with this one. You could always customize your mirrorlist from the Welcome app or by launching reflector-simple directly.

Also there is: reflector if you want to do it from a terminal.

Have a nice journey onboard Endeavour!


Welcome to our great community!


I followed the advice in this thread and it seemed like a good way to practice with pacdiff, as it was the only pacnew file created during installation (at least for me).

Yes, I’ve enabled reflector.timer.

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Whoops, that post was supposed to be a reply to @pebcak

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Welcome to the purple side @r0ckhopper !! :enos: :enos_flag:


Welcome to the forum @r0ckhopper :tada::balloon:


Hello @r0ckhopper, welcome to EndeavourOS. Lots of discussions going on here helps in many issues which we may encounter. Along with this, if we face any trouble with our system, then experienced members, including developers participate in discussion to provide help to the seeker.
As you are also experienced member, your learning can be of help for many other users as well.
The teaching-learning process here helps the novice users to gain knowledge, due to which EndeavourOS community maintains fun and friendly atmosphere. There are few fun moments during the discussions which keep the situation lively as well.
Enjoy your journey here.
:enos: :enos_flag:


Welcome @r0ckhopper


Welcome to the community :beers:


Welcome aboard! :smile:

There is an easy app for this, eos-pacdiff.
But managing those files is a task that requires understanding what files can be edited/deleted and what not. That’s why eos-pacdiff gives a warning page when it starts.
Do not hesitate to ask here if you are not sure what to do. Better safe than sorry. :wink:

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Yes, I used that to identify and delete /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.pacnew :+1:

I am short of that understanding right now :confounded:

Thank you - I will do :smiley:

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Welcome, hope you enjoy using this distro as much as I do and the other users here

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