Hello from Seattle

Hey all, I’m a software dev from the Seattle area. I distro-hopped a lot in the passed (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian) before giving up and sticking with Windows. Now that gaming is much easier to get up and going, my Windows partition is gone.

More recently I tried out Manjaro for a while and swapped to Endeavour to get a bit closer to Arch. So far it has been my favorite distro, just trying to work out getting zsh configured like Manjaro’s default.

Happy to be here!


Welcome to the forum!

You should be able to grab the .zshrc from Manjaro and do some minor tweaking from there.



Yea I’ve been getting it figured out. I opted to just use oh my zsh and pull in some plugins. I’ve heard negative things about it being bloated and whatnot, but it seems pretty snappy to me.

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the purple side of Linux! :smile:

Welcome fellow left coaster to EOS. I love the Seattle area, it’s changed a lot since my first visit in 2012, but in the 7 trips, it’s an incredible area.

Hello and welcome :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Welcome to the forum :enos_flag: :enos:


@jondy welcome to EndeavourOS. :slight_smile:

Baseball fans only

Are you a Seattle Mariners fan? What are they going to do this year to put down the defending World Series champions in the same division?

← bored with reporters focusing way too much on one player then when he isn’t “godlike” enough they spend their time whining about it and pick someone else. This player isn’t a pitcher and the team could use more or better pitching to stack up to the two Texas teams.

Welvome to :enos: -Forum!


Yes, big Mariners fan! I don’t concern myself too much with off-season stuff. Dipoto knows better than me in that regard. I just cross my fingers and hope they continue improving. GOMS!

Welcome @jondy from Seattle.