Hello from New Zealand and ArchLabs

Hey Guys

I’m Dobbie from ArchLabs, thought I’d drop by and say hello.

A few things about me, I am an obsessive Metalhead, I love beer and all its varieties and as a Kiwi I use UK English so don’t be confused if words like colour look a little off to you US English people. :smiley:



Welcome. I remember you from AL and Bunsen Labs as well I believe.

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Thanks dude, yeah I have been at the BL forum from almost the very beginning.

Hi Dobbie, welcome to Endeavour forum :+1:

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Hello Dobbie, Nice to see you here. :wink:

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@FastGame and @ricklinux, thanks guys

Welcome @anon61101858
Pleased to see you here, pass and get comfortable !!

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Thanks mate, cheers.

hi, @anon61101858

nice to see you here and have fun at EndeavourOS

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Greetings from Southern Indiana USA! Great bunch here and willing to help!
The word colour or color both are the same no matter what side of the globe you are on… Lol
Myself I speak Northern Hillbilly, R’s and L’s are optional at times and at times they mean the same thing… Lol Ir really depends on what slang words you are using at the time… :smiley:


Welcome aboard, mate. Since no one has found “Endeavour” too brittish, I guess any “colour” you may choose, should go unnoticed. :innocent: :joy:

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A Kiwi who likes beer and Metalhead was missing here. Welcome @anon61101858

Thanks everyone for the welcome.

I’ll keep the kiwi slang to a minimum :slight_smile:

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Welcome from a fellow Kiwi metalhead in Hastings! \m/

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Hahaha awesome I am in Napier.

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For those who don’t live in NZ


@onyxnz and I are about 20kms away from each other.

It’s a small world! :wink:

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