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Hello… I am Nellai. A new Endeavour user. I have installed KDE on my iMac desktop after doing few trail runs of Endeavour. All look fine. I used LMDE and MX Linux for a while. But long back I used Antergos. I heard Endeavour is the spiritual successor of that distro but sadly I never tried this until recently. After trying it now I really wonder why I didn’t try this long back. Endeavour runs little faster and had a unique look. In Endeavour wifi works out of the box. I am learning the tricks now. Installing few softwares such as Brave-bin etc using yay command. So far so good. Wanted to say Hi to all the friendly Endeavour users here. Good work and keep going Endeavour team!!



Welcome to the forum! :enos_flag:

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Hello nellai! :smiley:
Glad to hear your enjoying your computer with this fantastic free software!
Wishing you the best of good times and a great read everyday on the forum as there’s a lot of very knowledgeable people to learn from and help us, the users, all the time.

Extra: we are visited sometimes by a clown who makes us have a good laugh.

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Welcome @nellai

Edit: This is the first time i have heard anyone installing on an Imac desktop. Maybe I’m wrong but i just wanted to know if that means you wiped out the Imac and installed only EndeavourOS?

Thanks. I heard Endeavour forum is one of the friendliest. Your reply seconds that. :smiley: :raised_hands:

Hi… Thanks. Nice to be in the friendly forum. :smiley: :raised_hands:

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Thanks Rick… :raised_hands:

Welcome to :enos:-Forum :enos_flag:

Enjoy the purple ride and feel free to ask whatever you want!

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Welcome to the forum @nellai :enos: :enos_flag:

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Hey! Good to have you with us, how did you first discover Linux? Antergos was indeed the ancestor to Endeavour, - but regardless, this ship sails it’s own waters now… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community :beers:

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum @nellai

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Hi Canoe… good to see you here. My journey started with Linux Mint and Peppermint long back. At some point i found Antergos and impressed with it. Sad once it left the scene. I have 2 old laptops I always had linux on them mostly debian based distros. But I dont use them regularly. So keep switching distros. For some reason I never tried Endeavour. This new Galileo looks really nice and everything worked out of the box. Pacman and yay commands are super impressive and easy. Now i installed it on home desktop now. Looks really light, fast and shiny. Hope finally this will kill my distrohopping. :smiley:

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Edit: Yes. I only have Endeavour on it.


@nellai , Welcome to the dark side, there’s no going back. :wave:

@nellai welcome. I’ve run Linux on an iMac as well. Dual boot. Worked like a charm.

Have a good time on the forum. :wave:t2:

I have a theory that when most people find themselves distrohopping, they’re actually desktop-environment hopping, the underlying tools and services (for the most part) are generally similar, unless there’s a specific choice to avoid distros using systemd or another product. Personally, Arch worked really well for me, - EOS smooths out a lot of the rough edges and the “I don’t have time for this” bits, no elitism here, just use what works for you and enjoy the journey! :slight_smile:

A couple of great distros there. Welcome!

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