Hello from Mexico

I’ve been using Windows so long time ago, since v3.1 and some Linux web servers (Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS) for about 12 years but I’m a total noob on Linux desktops. My old i5 5th gen laptop went very slow last year and I was planning to format and reinstall, then I’ve noticed it wouldn’t support Windows 11 and I think is the best could happen to me, because I’ve started to search for alternatives.

I’ve installed VirtualBox and tested a lot of distros and desktop environments and decided to go for Linux Mint Cinnamom while keeping Windows 10 on dual boot, just in case. I didn’t run in big issues with LM, just a little inconveniences with KDEnlive and Krita after upgrading from 20.2 to 20.3 that I’ve solved by installing those apps from Flatpak. I didn’t like snaps on LM because the daemon makes the boot slower by about 15 seconds (HDD).

After 4 months using LM, I didn’t boot on Windows anymore and it’s time to get rid of it, but I still want something better. I’ve tried EndeavourOS - Cinnamon on VirtualBox and I’ve instantly felt in love with it. I’ve installed pamac and enabled snap and flatpak support and didn’t notice performance issues. Anyway, I’ve should read more about this great distro before doing anything else, because, I faced some issues, like chromium based browsers didn’t work at all, unless installed them from snap or flatpak.

I’ve deleted that VM and started again, installing all apps from command line (pacman or yay; no snaps or flatpak) and everything goes pretty good, browsers work as it should and I don’t miss the GUI installer, but I still need to learn how to do things like install printers.

I’ve got an SDD and, in the next days, I’ll install EndeavourOS as my only OS. Goodbye Windows! I just hope there’s a way to install mBlock 5.

Please, don’t wish me luck, because I know this is a great OS and I’ll succeed… otherwise I’ll visit this great community. :rofl:

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.


Welcome to the community!

Please feel free to ask questions as you explore EndeavourOS.

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Welcome neighbor. Don’t worry about your English, you communicate very well.


Welcome Triby, Endeavour is a hard one to beat right now, Enjoy your stay.


Welcome @Triby


Welcome to the forum @Triby :tada::partying_face::balloon:


Goodbye Windows! Hello Arch and Friends aka EndeavourOS! :wink:

I have a few old friends in Mexico and I watch the WRC Rally whenever it goes to Mexico and I just want to say you have a very beautiful county and welcome to the forums here! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everybody for the welcome.

@CMarch, that’s good to know!

@Scotty_Trees, this will be the 2nd year with no WRC in Mexico. :smiling_face_with_tear: I live in Leon, the city where WRC sets their headquarters. Thanks for your comments.


Hello from Brazil. Welcome to the forum!

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Hello @Triby Welcome to EOS. I won’t say enjoy your stay, because we hope you are here to stay, so enjoy settling into your new Endeavour home.

I felt the same way and still do.

Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

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Thanks again for the welcome.

I feel like home already and now I’m sure that this is really a vibrant and friendly community.