Hello from a Manjaro convert

Since I was young, Linux had always been intriguing to me. I tried many times throughout the mid-2000’s to get on board the Linux bandwagon. During that time I was a Mac user, but dabbled off and on with various distros until I purchased a Raspberry Pi in 2017. After getting used to Debian based distros, I upgraded from the Pi to an old laptop with a bad screen to use as my media server. I still run Debian on the laptop. During those few years I became more comfortable with the Linux command line from administering my server via ssh from my Mac.

Meanwhile, my MacBook Pro from mid 2010 was getting long in the tooth. Apple’s hardware in 2020 just wasn’t what I wanted, issues with keyboards dying and lack of IO was a turn off. Eventually I purchased a used ThinkPad T460 in early 2020. I knew I didn’t want to run Windows so naturally Linux was my go-to OS.

When I first got my ThinkPad, I tried out many different distros and DEs, Mint, Debian, Manjaro. Finally, I settled on KDE Manjaro. What sold on Manjaro was the AUR. Very recently, my install started hanging more and more often, so after 2 years on Manjaro, I made the switch to EndeavourOS. I’ve been here about a week, and so far so good! The Endeavour KB is very helpful, and looking through the forums, this seems to be a and friendly community. I’m glad to be here, and a part of the greater Linux and open source community.


Welcome @justin


Welcome to EnOS’ community @justin!

Glad to have you here with us and good luck on your Endeavour!

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Well then, welcome aboard!


Welcome to the purple side!!
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We have an ARM edition too, do you have a Raspberry Pi 4b or 400?


Welcome welcome! We’re all very opinionated here, but don’t worry we crack under the slightest of pressure :wink:

Ice breaking jokes aside, EndeavourOS’s community was one of THE driving factors for why I installed it almost a year ago and why I’m still using it to this day.


Welcome to the forum @justin :enos: :enos_flag: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:


Hello and welcome @justin :wave: :smiley:

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Are you a stoat? In which case, you are stoatally welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to our corner of the internet.


Thanks for the warm welcome, all :slight_smile:


Welcome onboard! I’ve been working with Linux since the early 2000’s, learning how to use the command line with Debian. I looked at the Mac with admiration at the time, although I had Macintosh computers at work at the time, I’ve only been a Mac user since 2017 (too). It’s pretty interesting to me, and I haven’t heard much about it, that you can also administer a server on a Mac.

macOS is Unix based, built on the Darwin kernel. I think it is technically more BSD than Linux. However, administering Linux servers from macOS was a breeze with Terminal. I preferred the app, iTerm, for my daily use. You can do/run just about anything you can on Linux from the macOS terminal.

Majaro is good for how it’s intended to be but, I generally advise people to steer clear of the AURs with Manjaro and just go with flatpak if it’s not in Manjaro’s curated repository. If you want the AURs, I think you’ll be happier with EndeavourOS.


I know that macOS is Unix-based, which is why I decided to buy a Mac after a long time. After many years of using Linux (Debian), I’ve learned to use the terminal quite a bit, which isn’t a disadvantage on a Mac either. Anyway, in my opinion, macOS is one of Apple’s best inventions. My previous post was more about rarely administering a server from a Mac, which is much more common on a Linux-based machine.

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