Hello everyone new to Eos

I finally got my kde with Wayland setup nice it took me few tries I broke stuff in my installs had kernel problems but now I figured it out and everything is good.

I like that Eos is not bloated and gives you the opportunity to install and use what you want unlike other distros I used in the past like Ubuntu, kubuntu, Garuda.

Anyway, I’m glad to be here I just wanted to indruce myself to this forum.


Good to hear that you got your system up and running the way you like it!

Welcome to EnOS’ community @steve.1020 !

:enos: :handshake:t5:

Welcome to :enos: - Forum @steve.1020 :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag:

Welcome to the forum and EndeavourOS!

Hello Steve! :wave:
That’s the spirit! There’s nothing like good posts like yours to start your path into self reliance :smiley:

I wish you many good days and great discoveries with your new free and “libre” software that you have tailored to your taste :penguin:

Keep up the good work! :building_construction:

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Welcome to the forum @steve.1020 :enos: :enos_flag:

Welcome to the forum @steve.1020

Thank you all glad to be here

Hello @steve.1020
welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple: :purple_heart:

Welcome Steve, Enjoy your stay, it can only get Better and the Forum is so Friendly.

Welcome @steve.1020 to the bright side of the power!

Hi @steve.1020 , welcome to this whole heap of purple goodness. :enos_flag: :smiley:

Welcome! Loving the theme! :wink: