Hello EndeavourOS community

I have recently discovered EndeavourOS and I am really enjoying the experience. I had tried using Antergos with very spotty success. However, EndeavourOS has been very solid. I applaud your efforts and wish the best for this distribution. I have done a few videos on YT and have a growing playlist here:

I hope you do not mind the post to the link as I only mean to draw more interest to your project. Thank you for putting together a very usable system. I appreciate the minimalist base system ready to make it my own. My only suggestion would be to include the basic cups and printer drivers out of the box for those who may be confused by how to properly install printer support. It maybe more in line with the EndeavourOS philosophy to make a button on the welcome app to install printer support rather than include it in the ISO. Either way, I think would help. I cover the steps in one of my videos, but it may help new users to have the files included. Thanks again.


Thank you @eznix I discovered your videos today, thank you for promoting us.


@eznix welcome here!

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Thanks. I noticed the instructions on the wiki after doing them. I think it would be more helpful to simply have the printing components already on the iso or a install printer support button on the welcome app. The link from the welcome app reads something like “Network and Hardware” (or vice versa).