Hello Endeavour OS! Hello Plasma!

I’ve been using Openbox maybe 10 years now, decided finally upgrade eyecandy - i like it alot so far. Big job to hack it towards a more calming simplicity though.

Smooth installation process, only issue I had - when use Encrypt Disc option - password prompt resolution is low. Some OS like KDE Neon install it better, making prompt with good resolution. I wonder why? Because of partitions structure? I decided not to obsess over it, and not encrypt system via this way.

Now … just have one question -
How to get moon phases into default plasma calendar? ( like KDE Neon had it )

I’ll leave this post here, hoping get answer, thanks ;d


The reason for this is grub is doing the decryption instead of the kernel because /boot is encrypted. The tradeoff is that your system is more secure because /boot is encrypted but you have to manage some slowness and other limitations. If you don’t want that you can create a separate unencrypted /boot during the install.

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  • Right Click on the clock, and select “Configure Digital Clock”
  • Select the “Calendar” Section from the settings dialog that pops up
  • Select the “Astronomical Events” Plugin
  • Click Apply
  • Profit?

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Hi and welcome!

i am missing that plugin, and cannot find it to download.
Holiday plugins is there yes, but not moon phases :[ no “astronomical events”

I see …

When GRUB does decrypting - does that mean i could add custom theme to the password prompt? That would be cool, and is something i would even prefer, over the kernel option.

Is it as simple as applying GRUB theme that has password prompt theming built in?

But i’ve seen kernel decrypt prompts in low reso And high reso, … so would there be option to up the reso for GRUB?

food for thought, … but doubt i have time or energy to care, or to understand it all completely

but thanks :]

I think you need to install the kdeplasma-addons package to get the astronomical events plugin. IIRC.


The plugin should be in the package “kdeplasma-addons”.

sudo pacman -Syu kdeplasma-addons

No, grub offers very few options as it relates to that encryption prompt.

If you don’t use grub for decryption then you can use plymouth to beautify the prompt.

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Nice, thanks

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kdeplasma-addons worked ✓

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Oops, I just realized my post above was missing a couple of important words. :man_facepalming:

I didn’t mean that you needed to stop using grub, I meant that you could stop using grub for decryption.

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Yes, I will try it out in the future in virtual machine, and then decide if I do a re-install, cheers ; ]

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