Hello awesome ppl!

Hey awesome ppl!

I was using Manjaro before but was running into problems as i use a lot of stuff on the AUR… so i decided to take a look what all the fuss about EndeavourOS was.

I have to say i’m very impressed. My system is now super fast, fully updated AUR no problems at all.

After gaining experience with Manjaro i really think EOS is a great next step, the minimal install allowed me to customize my system and its just beautiful now (IMO!)

Screenshot from 2022-11-16 20-44-32

No more distro hopping for me :slight_smile:


Welcome @Mantra

Welcome to the purple side! :smile:

BTW, which AUR apps are you installing? Could you show the output of command

pacman -Qm


:om: @Mantra !

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Welcome to less bloat, more purple!

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Welcome @Mantra
Nice desktop! :wink:

Awesome purple mantra :grin: welcome!

Sure. I’ve not fully re-installed everything yet (only installed EOS a couple of days ago) but this is what i have so far:

pacman -Qm

etcher-bin 1.10.0-1
game-devices-udev 0.18-1
github-desktop-bin 3.1.1_linux1-1
gnome-browser-connector 42.1-3
hypnotix 2.9-1
mangohud 0.6.8-2
mangohud-common 0.6.8-2
mullvad-vpn 2022.5-3
onlyoffice-bin 7.2.1-1
plex-desktop 1.56.1-1
plexamp-appimage 4.5.3-1
unityhub 3.3.0-2
visual-studio-code-bin 1.73.1-1
xboxdrv 0.8.8-7

I need unityhub as I’m a game dev and that was the one causing issues on manjaro… openssl1.1 isn’t available. Not critical as i don’t really need the latest version but it was annoying me and it highlighted the issue with Manjaro when you use the AUR

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Welcome to the forum and the purple side!

Welcome @Mantra! :enos_flag:

Jumping into EOS-ship was my best decision in my Linux journey. Enjoy!

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Welcome! Now that you are here you can make some Endeavour games :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum @Mantra :enos: :enos_flag:

Hi @Mantra, how is it going. I had Manjaro too but my old chromebook storage is 16gb so had to look for other alternatives that can run perfectly on this machine. Luckily came across Endevouros a week ago.

@Mantra Welcome! Yes. When it comes to arch-based distros, EndeavourOS is second to none in my opinion.

Nice theming, btw.

@jestoy0514 How much space did a clean Manjaro installation take?

I had around 2.2 Gb free after Manjaro Xfce plus other stuffs. Had to search for an alternative apps that’s light just to keep up and clean the orphans every once in a while plus pacman -Sc to clean the residue. But with EndeavourOS I am sitting with 5gb space comfortably. I am not expert on Linux to strip down Manjaro a bit more so decided to go with EndeavourOS :rofl:

Welcome @Mantra :enos: :enos_flag:

Thankyou everyone for the very warm welcome :slight_smile:

What a great community!


Welcome aboard, have fun here in this great community!
I was in the same shoes as you four years ago. I wanted to try an Arch-based distribution. Manjaro came in handy, but later I didn’t think it was flexible enough. I liked Antergos, which I tried in parallel with Manjaro, but I thought it was much more handy. When the further development of Antergos stopped, I was one of the first to join the new community intended for its continuation, and since there was a need for the spirit of Antergos to continue somewhat renewed, EndeavorOS was created, the distribution closest to Arch. As they say, I’ve been here ever since, and the rest is history. Now there is no need to jump from one distribution to another.

It seems like a lot of people move from Manjaro to EOS judging by the comments and other threads i’m reading… after using both i can see why. For my use case there is no way i will go back now, EOS is clearly a better fit for me.

The problem i have now is that i’m having to use Windows for my work. I’m a game dev using Unity and we have a lot of tools etc that are built for Windows. What i would love is to port everything over to Linux and then i can ditch Windows entirely… something i need to look into when i get chance :slight_smile: