Hello all! Grettings from Poland

A warm welcome to you! So far I’ve been a user of systems from Debian, then from Arch, like Manjaro and the amazing distribution that is Mabox, based on Manjaro. Unlike others, can’t say a bad word about Manjaro. Simply put, it has never let me down. However, as I slowly learned about the wonderful systems in the Linux family, I was drawn in deeper and deeper. So far, I haven’t tried pure Arch, as it is proving to be too difficult yet, but Endeavouros brings me firmly closer to that difficulty, allowing me to explore more closely what seems difficult. Congratulations on the result of the developers work! A piece of good work you developers and the whole community are doing!


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Welcome aboard! :smile:

Arch based EndeavourOS is not difficult at all. Arch based systems are simply handled in somewhat different way than other distros.
As the software is always up to date, occasionally issues may occur at updates.
Typically the issues are quite easy to fix, and there are some useful links that help you with most questions:

And you can always ask here if you can’t find a good answer from the sources above.

If you want help with an issue, please note that logs are always very useful for people who will help you. See here: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/forum-log-tool-options/how-to-include-systemlogs-in-your-post

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Thank you all for such a warm welcome! How many pages of this theme will come out when everyone says hello? Well, maybe I will find out :smiley: Meanwhile, I’m running off to continue reading the forum. @Kichiyaki cześć i czołem :wink:

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Welcome to the forum @matadrox have you tried archinstall ? Makes getting started with arch Linux a lot easier - up and running in about 15 minutes depending on your internet

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As long as nobody has to print it out … :wink:

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Welcome to EndeavourOS :grinning:.

Enjoy your time with EndeavourOS and EndeavourOS Forum.

Welcome to the EndeavourOS. Hope you enjoy your journey

Welcom @matadrox
I am sure you will enjoy Endeavouros as a distro and as a community. I have been distro hopping for about a year, nothing like EOS and this community.
A very user friendly distro and a very friendly community.

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Ciepłe powitanie!

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Yes, I tried it and it worked fine. The installer has been simplified quite a bit. However, I can’t figure out how to pick up the network interface. I.e. it picks up correctly, but the connection is not there