Heads Up: libxml2>=2.9.12-6 update may require manual intervention




Thanks for the heads up!

I just updated and libxml2 (2.9.12-5) → 2.9.12-6 was one of the updates. But I did not get the errors mentioned.

Why would only some users see the error messages?

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I didn’t get the errors either.
Seemingly those with “untracked pyc files” will be getting these errors. How the “untracked pyc files” come about, I don’t really know. Hopefully more knowledgeable users will shed some light.

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So I’m in good company :smile:

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.pyc files contain the compiled bytecode of .py files.
Those are generated when some script/application imports the module (to speed up further invocations).

So if you are missing those files it means that there was no other application making use libxml2 (yet)…


Thank you so much for the explanation!

i do not fully get what package version is needed to get the error on updating… looks like the message is not giving that detail as it says only versions prior … but seems if you done regular updates the issue does not apply ?

I do not see BUG reports about this also:

I understood it like that you would get those error messages when updating to version 2.9.12-6 if the “untrackted pyc files” are present in the system through the use of some prior versions of libxml2 by
some script/application as explained by @moson. :thinking:

One case here: I'm unable to update my system

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